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A Glorious Day

Rock Haven Lodge Welcome SignWhat a glorious day today has been.  I spent the day at my happy place, Rock Haven Lodge.  After enduring a long, cold, winter, Rock Haven Lodge opened for visitors on Friday, April 13th.  It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately, I had to work that day so I was hoping for good weather over the week-end.  It was not in the cards, it rained all week-end.  The following week-end wasn’t much better, and I had things I needed to get done so I was praying that the week-end of the 28th would be nice.

The weather looked decent for both days.  Today was supposed to be windy, but a little warmer than Sunday, so I decided to go today.  I think it was a wise decision on my part.  As I undressed at my car I could feel the stress leave my body.  The last 7 months I had little to no opportunity to be naked.  I felt so free walking naked to the pool.  I got myself situated in a chaise lounge, and felt the sun kiss every inch of me.  The weather was beautiful, and while baking in the sun by the pool, the breeze felt wonderful.

Another reason why today was a great day to go.  Radio Controlled Racing is a big event at Rock Haven.  Last Summer I never stayed late enough to watch them.  Today I wanted to watch, and I also wanted to take photos for their new website.  Over the winter I created a new website for them.  Rock Haven has done so much for me, I wanted to give back.  Their previous website was old, and the photos were old also.  It didn’t really capture the atmosphere, didn’t convey what a wonderful place this really is.  Another guest of Rock Haven, and a friend of mine, Stan Lee (as usual, not his real name), is probably the best illustrator, and graphic artist, that I have ever seen.  Every time I see his work, the first thing that comes to mind is Norman Rockwell.  He is that good.  Late last Summer Stan took some new photos of the facilities (The welcome sign in this post is one of his photographs), and I incorporated them into the new website.  In March I went out to Rock Haven to take photos of the trailers and cabins that they rent out.  Just before Rock Haven opened this season Stan went back out there and photographed the interiors of the trailers and cabins.  You really should check out the website, and the photos.  The trailers and cabins are beautiful!

Welcome-Race-FansBack to racing.  Rock Haven has a wonderful hard surface oval racetrack in an open air pavilion.  Tables are set up on one side for the racers to work on their cars.  Each heat is timed, 4 minutes.  Each racer tries to complete as many laps as he/she can before the 4 minutes are up.  Some of the racers not only have R/C cars, but R/C trucks as well, so there is a special race for trucks.  There is an announcer, a time keeper, and judges who count the laps for each race.  As I said, they are serious about their racing!

I needed to take photos for the website.  At a nudist facility, this presents quite a few challenges, the first one being, cameras and cell phones are not allowed in the park.  Susie, the owner, gave me permission to take my cell phone to take photos with.  She talked to the announcer, who told everyone that I would be taking photographs for the new website.  My second challenge was to take interesting photos, and not have any people in the background.  I tried taking photos during the races, but they didn’t turn out well at all.  The announcer talked to the racers and they were great.  They lined up all of the cars at the finish line so I could get a good photo of them.

Race Cars at the Finish Line Today was a great day.  By the time I left there I was sunburned, but it didn’t hurt.  It will turn into a tan, and it should be the only time this summer that I burn.  I am in a MUCH better mood than I have been for the last 7 months!

I would love to hear your thoughts.