- Depression, Migraine, Traumatic Brain Injury

Discharge or Escape?

Escape from the Asylum
Escape from the Asylum

Out of the Abyss

They got us up at 6 AM, I got my tray, cleaned up, returned my tray, and then went up to the Nurse’s Station.  I informed Nurse Ratched that I was checking out, and asked what I needed to do.  She told me she would inform my psychiatrist as she needed a discharge order from her.  Next I got in line for medication.  I told the nurse there was an order for something for my migraine.  She looked and told me that there was no order for me, but she could give me Tylenol.  What, no order and Tylenol again???????  I lost it.  I was so agitated.  Nurse Ratched came over and said she would take care of it.  I told her don’t worry about it.  I was leaving this morning, whether they wanted me to or not.

Back to the dayroom to sit.  A short while later, a nurse came up to me and told me he was my psychiatrist’s nurse, and asked if there was anything that the psychiatrist needed to know.  I told him to tell her that I was checking out this morning, whether she wanted me to or not.  He said he would, and that I would be seeing her around 11 AM.  I told my wife to come up there around 10 AM.  When she got there they took us to the visitor’s room.  While we were sitting there another nurse came by and was asking questions about previous medications I had taken for my headaches.  I told him also not to worry about it, because I was checking out, and that there was nothing that was going to stop me.  At this point I was scaring my wife.  She was afraid, in my agitated state, that they might commit me.  I told her I would be better the moment they let me out of there.

I Tell My Psychiatrist One Thing, and She Records a Complete Fabrication

Just before 11 AM they took my wife and I into the Psychiatrists office.  She apologized because I never got relief for my migraine.  Then she said she would discharge me if I was sure I would not harm myself, but that I would have to sign an “Against Medical Advise” form.  I told her I would not harm myself, and to give me the paper to sign.  My wife and I went back out to the visitor’s room, and about an hour later they came and got us and I was discharged.

A few weeks later, I was preparing for an appointment with a civilian therapist, and I wanted to bring her copies of my psychiatric treatment from the Veteran’s Administration.  I downloaded them, and as I was reading through them I saw that on the day I was discharged from the psychiatric ward, my psychiatrist wrote “Patient states he is feeling better and wants to leave”.  Excuse me???  I left there in worse condition than went I went in!  I think she was just trying to cover everyone’s butt.  As I looked through my records, I noticed other lies.  One of the more blatant – they wrote in there that I was indoctrinated on a list of items when I was first admitted.  That was a bald-faced lie!  They told me nothing.

This tells me that the medical personnel don’t really care about the veterans they are supposed to be serving.  Not all of the medical personnel, but most of the ones that I have encountered.  A few have been wonderful.  Don’t they realize that many of these veterans will be applying for disability for the physical injuries and mental impairments that occurred during their service?  The doctors and administrators that will be deciding if the veteran receives the disability rating base their decision on the medical records of the veterans.   If false information is put in the record, it is doing the veteran a grave disservice.

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