- Depression, Recovery

A Friend Becomes A LifeSaver


I Remember a Friend

About a week after I got out I was feeling depressed and helpless.  Then I remembered that I had a friend, LTG Keith Huber, who may be able to help.  He is a retired Army Lieutenant General.  He is now the Senior Military Advisor to the veterans at a local University.  As soon as he accepted that position, he went to work, with the help of Charlie Daniels and The Journey Home Project, to create the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center.  This center provides veterans with all of the resources they need to successfully complete their education.  There is no greater supporter of Veterans than LTG Huber, and he has been my lifesaver.

I was at work when I thought of him, so I sent him an email asking if he knew of someone who I could contact that would be able to help.  30 minutes later I got a call from him.  He told me he was in his car, that he had received my email but he didn’t have time to read it.  He then told me that no matter what the problem, he and I would find a solution for it.  I start to cry every time I think of this.  My relief was so great at that point.  It was like a dam had burst, and all of my frustrations were released from me.  If I ever look back to see where I started my recovery, this will be the time that I think of.

Help From Another Friend

LTG Huber told me that he was going to call another friend of his, a retired Navy Captain, who was a nurse in the Navy.  He told me that she really cared about veterans and she would be able to help.  That afternoon I received an email from the Captain.  She told me the General had sent her a copy of my email, and she wanted to know if she could call me.  Of course I said yes.  What I didn’t know previously was that I was acquainted with the Captain.  She is on the Board of Directors with LTG Huber for a veteran’s non-profit that I designed the website for.  I also didn’t know that she is the Director of the VA hospital where I was admitted, along with another VA hospital in the area.

The Captain called me the next day, and we spoke about my experience in the psychiatric ward.  She agreed that I didn’t get the care I needed.  She assured me that she would be meeting with her staff, and the problem would get corrected.  Two hours after I spoke with the Captain, I got a call from her Chief of Staff.  He also assured me that they would fix the problem.  LTG Huber and the Captain have both been checking in with me to see how I am doing, and if I am getting the care that I need.  As I said, I am acquainted with the Captain, and I know how dedicated she it.  After speaking with her, and her Chief of Staff, I am very confident that the veterans, not only in the psychiatric ward, but throughout the VA facilities will get the care that they deserve.


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