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Incompetence Continues, and Paranoia Sets In

Group Therapy

After my wife left, I attended 3 required group therapy sessions.  I don’t consider them group therapy, but as disseminating information to a group of people.  The sessions were, conflict avoidance, how to tell if you’re making good decisions, and one so memorable I can’t remember what it was about.  I just know it didn’t have anything to do with my problems.  My idea of a group therapy session is you sit down with a group of patients.  You talk about their problems, and lead the group in how to solve these problems.  You refer back to previous … Read the rest

- Depression, Migraine, Traumatic Brain Injury

My Crisis Begins

Migraine Alert!

After lunch it was back to the dayroom to sit.  I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t.  Around 4 PM I was getting a headache, so I went to the Nurse’s Station and asked Nurse Ratched (not her real name), if they had any Extra Strength Excedrin, as I had a headache.  A little bit of background here.  I get headaches every day, without exception.  This has been going on ever since I received my TBI in 1975.  I have been prescribed several medications for them, and they would work for a while, and then they wouldn’t.  The … Read the rest

- Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury

In the Abyss

I Become an Inpatient

Monday morning, July 31, 2017, my wife drove me to the Veteran’s Administration hospital.  We found Rip, and he took us to the emergency room.  This is where they do intake for the mental patients who are being admitted.  To say I was nervous was an understatement.  I had NO idea what would be happening, I just had to experience it as it happened.

First, they had me change into the hospital pajamas.  The only items that I was allowed to bring into the psychiatric ward with me were 3 t-shirts, 3 pair of socks, and … Read the rest

- Depression, Suicide, Traumatic Brain Injury

Into the Abyss

I Consider Becoming an Inpatient

The Effexor didn’t do anything to ease my depression.  It did, however, keep me awake at night.  I took it first thing in the morning, and went I went to bed at night I would just lie there.  They had also prescribed Melatonin for me, but with the Effexor it didn’t help.  For the next month and a half I averaged about 3 hours sleep a night.

The combination of the medication not working, and the loss of sleep, made my depression worse.  Toward the end of July, an incident happened that made me decide … Read the rest

- Depression, Suicide, Traumatic Brain Injury

About Me and my Journey – Part 3


I started therapy, but I didn’t believe it would do me any good.  I’m stubborn and I don’t listen to anyone.  I was right.  As I said, I loved talking with Dr. Hadley (not her real name).  I could tell her anything.  She diagnosed me as having moderate to severe depression with suicidal ideations.  My risk for suicide was moderate to low.  I told her I thought about it every day, and I had a plan on how I would do it.  I also explained that I would never do it because 1.  I don’t believe in suicide, and … Read the rest

- Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury

About Me and my Journey – Part 2

depression inspiring quoteStarting the New Job

To say I was nervous about my first day at work is an understatement.  There was no formal training program, but there was an office where everyone was more than willing to help me learn.  I was encountering new situations daily, and all I had to do was ask and someone would take the time to explain everything to me.  If didn’t take me long to start to be comfortable and fell like part of the “Family”.

I say “Family” because that is exactly what this company is like.  There are only around 15 people who … Read the rest

- Traumatic Brain Injury

About Me and my Journey

This is my story, and the first part of my journey.  I’m 61, and grew up in a mid sized town in Southern New Jersey.  When I was 18, I joined the Navy.  I had already attended a year of college, and didn’t like what I was studying.  I also didn’t like the fact that my parents were paying for my college.  I didn’t have any marketable skills, so I joined the Navy to learn a trade.  I chose to become a Navy Air Traffic Controller, a very wise  decision on my part.  I loved that job.

After boot camp, … Read the rest

- Suicide, Traumatic Brain Injury

Welcome to The Bare Therapy Blog!

The story you are about to read is true.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and some of the guilty).  I have suffered from depression for over 42 years.  I didn’t know this until a few months ago, when I was diagnosed with moderate to severe depression, with suicidal ideations.  This blog is a record of my journey that will describe my history with depression, what I have experienced,  and what I am experiencing in my quest to get help.

I don’t like wearing clothes.  Summer is my favorite season because I can get away with wearing as … Read the rest